If the taking of my property interferes with or changes how it is accessed, can I receive compensation for that impact?

The impact on access should be compensated by the government, but often there is a dispute based upon the type of access that is impacted.  If direct access is taken, then it must be compensated.  The more difficult situations are when one of two driveways is eliminated or when access is limited to right in and right out.  Those typically take a more detailed analysis regarding the operation and circulation of the site and whether the taking or limitation of access has an impact on highest and best use of the site. 

For example, prior to a taking, a gas station has wide open, curbless access so that tanker trucks can easily maneuver in and out to refill the gas tanks.  After the taking, access is limited to a corner driveway entrance.  Now the trucks cannot properly enter and reach the tanks.  This limitation of access causes a substantial impact to the value of the property and should be compensated.