Land Litigation

Private disputes over land use and their impacts are complex issues that often arise between individual landowners, developers, and neighbors. While eminent domain and zoning are tools used by the government to regulate land use, private disputes are centered on conflicts arising from competing interests, differing visions for land use, and the potential impacts on surrounding properties. Resolving private land use disputes often involves negotiation, mediation, or, in some cases, litigation. Murray Law assists clients with land litigation disputes related to the following land use issues:

  • Drainage and stormwater runoff. For example, the new development next to your property has just installed a stormwater detention pond which is dumping large amount of water onto your property.
  • Easements and access roads. For example, your property is located at the end of a gravel road that has existed for decades and the builder of a new housing development beside your property has damaged the road and put a gate on it.
  • Private developer easement acquisition. For example, the developer has offered you $1,000 for an easement that it needs to supply sewer to 300 new units but will cause damage to your property. This is very similar to an eminent domain situation except that the private developer does not have the right to take your land through a lawsuit, only negotiation.
  • Restrictive covenant enforcement and violations. For example, your neighbor built a garage apartment that is prohibited by the property’s restrictive covenants and is now using it for short-term rentals.

If you are facing one of these situations, or for more information on land litigation, contact Murray Law’s Charlotte office or call us at 704-940-9095 to schedule a consultation with our land use attorney to discuss your situation. We are here to help you navigate through any land litigation issue you may be facing and provide you the best solutions for your situation.